Dating women on online dating sites

Dating women on online dating sites comes with its own guidelines and etiquette, just like traditional dating. Even though the general etiquette is almost the same, there are some special rules when it comes to online dating. It’s not important whether you’re just in need of some advice or you’re new to international dating, here are some things you should avoid in order to find the woman you have always wanted.

1. Being a liar

There’s nothing that women hate more than finding out that their partner has been lying to them and it is the fastest way to make them lost interest. You should always answer honestly to questions like how old you are, what kind of work you do, how much you earn, etc. The photos you upload to your profile should be recent and not taken ages ago. Some guys make the mistake of using a fake photograph on their profile, but this is not a good idea. If things go well between you two, you will meet your online partner sooner or later and you do not want to be exposed as a fraudster.

2. Being rude

Once you’ve found a beautiful foreign woman who interests you, the last thing you want to do is frighten her off by being rude and saying things which may offend her. Some guys ask their partners to send them sexy photographs or bring up the topic of sex too early in the relationship, but women don’t like being pressured. There’s nothing wrong with telling a woman you find her attractive, but it’s not okay to make offensive or sexual comments about her body.

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3. Not enough information on your profile

Since your profile is the first thing a woman sees when she’s browsing available singles on online dating sites, this needs to be an interesting and intriguing one. According to dating experts, men who take time to complete their profile information get far more responses from single women than guys who only write a couple of lines. Add as much information as you can, write about your interests, likes and dislikes, what you want in a woman, etc. Your chances of finding that perfect match are bigger if you share a lot of information.

4. Being too eager

Imagine you have finally found a woman whose profile seems to match yours. The woman looks gorgeous, smart and intriguing, so you send her an introductory email. After a few days you still haven’t heard from her, so you email her again, and then again, and again.. If there’s still no reply after a week or two you might get angry and send her a final email asking her not to bother you to contact you. Although some women like a guy who is persistent and determined, some may find it irritating or frightening. It could be that your online partner only has access to the net a couple of times a week, so be patient. You can’t be sure she’s not interested in you until she says so.

5. Being too eager

You shouldn’t act too aggressively if you don’t want to scare off your perfect woman. While many women like men who show interest and enthusiasm about dating them, asking her out on a real date might make her feel too uncomfortable. Don’t pressure her for anything. If you want to succeed in international dating, give her time to get to know you first.

Alex Vidal