The sun is finally out and it’s time to get outside and enjoy each other’s company. It might seem overwhelming to think of a fun, outdoor activity but look no further than the following Spring date ideas to get you out and about on your dates. Even if you’ve only been going steady for a few weeks, these dates are sure to bring you closer than ever and give you some fresh air. Hiking, Putt Putt Golfing, baseball watching, picnicking, and geocaching are all fun and cheap activities to do outside.

1. Hiking

 Being out in nature and exploring a new path can really be exciting when dating. Hiking is a free and fun activity. Simply look up some local hiking trails and make sure to bring a lot of water and snacks. If you’re not into roughing it, you can find nature boardwalks that you can explore and walk on instead of mountains and rocks. When planning a date with your partner, make sure to let them know you will be outside and to bring along comfy clothes and hiking shoes. If you really want to add another element to your hike, you can bring a bird watching book or familiarize yourself with the local plants to spot out on your trip.

2. Putt Putt Golfing

Everyone wins at Putt Putt when you’re having a blast with your date. Putt Putt Golfing is a simple game that anyone can play and have fun while doing it. Local parks offer whimsical courses that include oversized plaster animals and waterfalls. When taking a date putt putting, check ahead if the course offers refreshments and if there are any weekday specials. Sometimes you can purchase a package that includes a game or two with drinks.

3. Baseball Games

Grab some iconic beer and hot dogs while you cheer on your favorite team. You can enjoy a professional game or simply sit in on a little league or high school game. Watching a game and rooting for the same team will build camaraderie and will leave you both with a smile. If you’re really looking to have some fun, make a bet based on which team will pull in a victory and enjoy each other’s company longer at a local sports bar.

4. Picnic

A picnic is a nostalgic way to enjoy being outside and eating together. If you’re feeling ambitious you can prepare the picnic yourself with homemade ingredients or you can order take out. Pick a local park where you can have some privacy and don’t forget to bring a basket to hold all of your utensils and trash. If you have portable speakers you can make a playlist on your IPhone and play it while you toast to a great Spring day. Remember to bring a large blanket that you can lay out. Checkered blankets are really cute but you can also use any blanket laying around your house. If you’re worried about mud, bring lawn chairs and be prepared to shift to a picnic table.

5. Geocaching

Geocaching is the modern form of treasure hunting. This outdoor activity includes using a GPS and putting in coordinates to a special location that holds a treasure that you can take and replace. You can find geocaches anywhere and can find locations at which offers thousands of places and treasures to find. In addition to finding a treasure, you can bring a picnic and do some hiking while exploring. When you find the geocache, you’ll feel accomplished and can take the item left to remember your day together. This is an especially fun activity for new couples or couples who have been together for years and are in need of adventure. Did I mention it’s free?!

Alex Vidal