We have all heard stereotypes about Chinese women – some of them are good and some bad. The best way to figure out what is true and what isn’t about these stereotypes is to date a Chinese women but until that time arrives, we are here to help you with a small list of some that are accurate. Women from Foreign Countries

1. They Are Great Students

This is a typical stereotype and you are probably not surprised to hear that this is in fact true. In most Asian countries, the very highest priority is education. Social status is irrelevant here – finishing school with great grades is the ultimate goal. Due to these very high expectations, the parents make sure the kids put all their energy into studying.

2. The Work Very Hard

As one can easily tell from the efforts kids exert in school – they will grow up to be very responsible adults and have a great work ethic. Being this way is a matter of pride for these great people. It is also a source of self-respect and everyone can learn from their great standards.

3. Actually Do All the Chores

This is another thing that is deeply embedded in the Chinese culture. Women are still expected to be able to manage the household and they begin learning at a very early age. Not even the growing influence of the Western culture has managed to change that.

4. They Are Kind of Nerdy

This is true and not at all in a negative way. In lots of Asian countries people are very interested in comic books, video games, Pokemon and also Hello Kitty. Not to mention adorable clothes(they often love to match with their partner). A nerdy person can also mean someone who is a science nerd – these ladies are smart.

5. They Love a Bargain

Absolutely true and most likely we have the replicas and counterfeits industry to thank for that – many people sell these products in China. So the women have had a lot of experience with haggling for what they are interested in.

Some Advice

These stereotypes don’t apply to all Chinese women – that is very true but you will still come across many women to whom they do. The best idea is to adjust to the person you are dating and not subject her to any prejudice.