Stereotypes are unavoidable. All women carry them, may they be women from the Philippines, women from America, women from Africa and etc. Even Eastern European women, despite their beauty and elegance, also carry several stereotypes. In any case, true or untrue, these stereotypes are here to stay.

For today’s interesting post, let’s take a look at how the rest of the world views women from EE. Let’s see what specific stereotypes they have and maybe we can do a true or false verdict on them.

1. Eastern European Women are Beautiful.

This is definitely something that’s TRUE. A lot of researches have proven that a lot of good looking women can be found in EE. Did you know that Natalie Portman and, the famous model turned actress, Mila Jovovich, both have Eastern European decent? That proves it.

2. Eastern European Women are very traditional.

We can give this one a HALF TRUE verdict. Some may be the life of the party with independent views of how their life should go and some still have their feet rooted on the traditions taught to them by several generations of their families. Some, still, may be somewhere in between, so a half true is appropriate (especially in modern times like these).

3. Eastern European Women are very nationalistic.

Here’s one particular stereotype that we can deem totally FALSE. It’s not because that they totally disregard their motherland (they do uphold many traditions, mind you) but it’s very much like in America or anywhere else. We’re proud of our country’s achievements but we still aren’t (and never will) be friends with our neighbors who make so much noise during the night.

4. EE Women are poor and under-educated.

There are places in Eastern Europe that do not have much educational opportunities to offer but not all Eastern Europe is affected by that so we’re going to have to say that this one is a FALSE.

A lot of Eastern European women find other ways for them to get the extra education that they need. This is a must for them so they can stay ahead of the competition when job hunting season arrives.

5. Eastern European Women all have strong accents.

Let’s say that this one is a HALF TRUE. Not all Women from this part of the world have the opportunity to practice their English so when they do, you might hear a distinct accent with each word or sentence. This is totally not a bad thing because most men find an Eastern European accent to be very sexy and attractive.

6. EE Women are opportunistic.

Right off the bat, we can definitely label this one as FALSE. It would generally depend on the person because there will always be people out there with not so good intentions but it would be unfair to generalize this trait to all women from Eastern Europe.

You’ll be able to find Eastern European women that are set out into settling down and then starting a family. Yes, this type of woman exists (find her in Eastern Europe).


OK, so some stereotypes about EE women may not be so bad but we do admit that some are very dark and serious. So now that you know some of the stereotypes of Eastern European women, maybe you’ll look at them differently.