When it comes to dating, all relationships have similar stages and it definitely is the same when you date a Ukraine lady. First, you go on casual dates to get to know each other better. Then, you proceed with more romantic dates and your relationship becomes more serious. If things go well, you’d expect to hear wedding bells soon after, but in Ukrainian tradition it is very important to meet the parents and get their blessing first.

Many European women value their families more than anything, therefore it’s very important that you leave a good impression to her parents and entire family. Strong family ties are especially true with Ukrainian ladies. Her family will be the community you’re marrying into, so it’s important to make an effort and get to know everyone properly. Below is a list of few things you should keep in mind before meeting the family of your sweetheart.

Ukraine Lady

1. Don’t forget to bring a gift

A part of Ukrainian tradition is bringing gifts to the hosts. If you want to win her mother’s approval, bring her a box of chocolates or a nice bunch of flowers. Women love gestures like this and it will definitely impress your Ukraine lady’s mom. Bring a nice bottle of wine for her father. He will appreciate this manly gesture and could even ask you to join him for a drink after dinner.

2. Make an effort to look good

When you’re dating a Ukraine lady you probably know that they like wearing stylish but casual clothes. They like it when their partners make an effort to look good too. Even though her parents won’t pay too much attention to what you’re wearing, they will take your appearance into account when deciding whether you’re a good match for their daughter or not. Make sure you look good and smart when you meet your future in-laws for the first time.

3.  Work your charm

Being charming doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look great physically. It’s actually pretty simple. Just be confident and active during your dinner or lunch date.Try not to stay quiet, rather give compliments, share stories, offer help, and so on. If you do that, her family will certainly love you.

4. Give compliments

Who wouldn’t be flattered when someone told them what a great job they did in raising their children. You shouldn’t forget to mention this when meeting your loved one’s parents. Give compliments to your girlfriend and express your feelings for her. Let her parents know why you fell in love with her and how much you cherish their daughter. This shows that your interest in her is sincere.

Most importantly, be yourself. Don’t try to fake your way into it and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re a nice guy and your intentions are clear, your darling’s parents will see that and for sure will grant you their blessing.

Alex Vidal