So you’re very good at approaching Russian women in real life. How about if we take it to the online world? Can you still say that your charm and tactics work when approaching Russian women online? Some tactics might work in real life but with online dating these tactics might just give you no responses, or worse, negative responses.

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On the other hand, if you do it the “right way”, you’ll surely get loads of positive ones and, who knows, the Russian girl of your dreams might have responded too. For you to know what the right way is, we give you the following tips:

Tip #1 & #2: Upload a profile picture. Make it a good one.

The first and probably the most important tip that you will read on this article is this. You need to have a profile picture and you need to have a good one.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios so we can get these points across:

A chat message pops up from someone who claims to be the guy that everybody’s been dreaming of BUT  he doesn’t have a picture (not even one) on his dating profile.

If you were the beautiful Russian woman, would you respond? Point is, you are more likely to get responses when Russian women online see what you look like.

Now for the second scenario:

A chat message pops up from someone who claims to be the guy that everyone’s been dreaming about. He does have a profile picture BUT  it’s a picture of him getting fist drunk at a party. See what we mean?

Second point is, when you sincerely want to meet Russian women online, make sure that your profile picture doesn’t scare them away.

Tip #3: Say HI and be polite

Tip #3 (Saying Hi and being polite) might sound too good to be true but a simple, “Hi, how are you? My name is…” actually works. Initiating with a simple Hi and introducing yourself shows that you’re confident and respectful. Russian women online (and all women for that matter) won’t really appreciate you throwing a pick-up line when initiation a conversation. Also, remember that all Russian women appreciate a gentleman.

Tip #4: Talk about basic stuff

So you’ve initiated the conversation and now she’s responded. What’s next? Well, you could start with basic questions like the city that she’s living in, her hobbies, a bit about her job and etc. Leave the more in depth questions for later when you’ve had a few more online chats/calls.

Remember to be non-intrusive and also remember to tell her a little bit about yourself without giving too much info away.

Tip #5: Listen

Everyone knows that women like to talk and of course Russian women online are the same thing. It’s important for you to do most of the listening. You can talk of course! You can share something about yourself but make sure that she does more of it.

An important thing to remember about this tip is you have to know the difference between listening and just being silent. Women have a sense about these things so she’ll know if you’re just bored and you’re letting her do all the talking.

Tip #6: Her interests

During your chat conversation, talk about the things that she’s interested in. When she says that she likes to go on hikes, you can follow up by asking if there are great places near her to hike on. You can then ask for pictures of it and etc. It keeps the conversation going and because you’re talking about something that she’s into, she’ll want to share more.

Tip #7: The closing

It’s always important to quit while you’re ahead. When it’s time to end the chat ask her when she’ll be online again so you can have another “chat date” and then continue where you left off.

Alex Vidal