Dating Russian women can be an uphill battle if you have no idea how their culture works. Women all over the world have some similarities too, of course, but the majority of their behaviour is still influenced by culture. Here are some of the most important things to know about dating Russian women:

1. Russian women are dedicated to looking good.

Russian womenThese ladies love to dress up even if they go to the supermarket to get some food. Looking good 24/7 is an absolute must. Because they love to take care of their appearances, they expect their male counterpart to like doing that as well. You may want to upgrade your looks if you are serious about dating Russian women. Smart casual is the best way to go.

2. Gifts and romance.

Both are highly appreciated by Russian women. Gift giving is natural in the Russian culture: they give presents for almost any occasion so bringing a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers to a date is a must. Taking them out to dinner is also essential. Note that the presents or restaurants need not be expensive. In fact, you shouldn’t go for expensive things because it will seem like you want to impress her with your money.

3. Being a gentleman.

There is no macho culture in Russia. Men treat women with respect, so you need to be a perfect gentleman. You are expected to open doors, offer ladies your seat, pay for dates and so on. The ladies can pay for themselves but at the beginning, you should take care of the bill. Later on, you can go dutch if you want to.

4. Defining relationships.

You can’t date several people in the Russian culture as you may do in the West. Once you’ve gone out a couple of times, you are seen as exclusive. They get into a more serious relationship faster than most other women. In a way that is good – there is no playing games when going out with people. Remember this rule because if you do go out with someone else you risk losing your love interest.


Remember these tips about dating Russian women and you should do well in the dating market. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips and good luck with your dating.