dating asian womenDating Asian women is not as easy as dating women from other parts of the world, especially women from western countries, and so it is understandable why many western men end up confused when it comes to doing so. For starters, Asian culture is very different from western culture and most of what would seem to be pretty normal within the regular western sphere of life could be totally unacceptable within the former. When dating Asian women, it is important to know and understand these differences and then tailor your approach and the entire date to be in line with what Asian culture dictates. Unfortunately, even though there is a lot of literature and information all over the internet relating to Asian dating, almost all the information covers what you should do on the date and there is hardly any information shedding light on what you should not do on such a date. What things shouldn’t you do when dating Asian women? Knowing the things to avoid and the things not to do when dating Asian women is just as important as knowing the things that you are supposed to do. In order to shed better light on the subject, here are the top three things you should never do when you are dating an Asian woman;

– Never assume that all Asian women are the same; traditional western thinking tends to assume that Asia is one very large country and that all the people living there are basically the same. On the contrary, Asia is a continent and home to the world’s largest populations. As such, there is very great diversity both in culture and in the ways of life of the people living there. So instead of assuming that all Asians are the same and stick to the same cultures, dig deeper into the background of your particular date and then align your actions according to her own culture.

– Never suggest anything sexual on your first date; sex before marriage, or anything closely related to it, is frowned upon by most Asian cultures and it would be a gross mistake to make any suggestions of the sort when dating Asian women- at least during the first few dates. Most Asian women prefer long lasting relationships that lead to marriage and not casual encounters for sexual episodes.

– Never ask her to pay; later on in the relationship when the two of you have grown to know each other better and understand one another, you may ask her to help out with bills and tabs but you should never do any such thing on your first date.