There are several reasons why we have unwritten dating rules (both offline and online dating) for most cases. In the international dating world, for example, one definite unwritten dating rule would be: One must not reveal too much information about oneself. Very simple, very self-explanatory but often times neglected when sorting out an online dating profile.

In online dating, there are several unwritten rules as well. Most of them apply to online dating profiles that need a whole lot of tweaking. If this sounds like someone you might “know” (like a friend of a friend of a friend), then you may want to tell them to read this because we’ll show you the top 5 online dating profile turn offs of all time.

Top 5: The online dating checklist

Yes, we all know what this is. If you need to describe someone that might be a good match for you (and we’re sure that most online dating sites will ask you that), make sure that what you say doesn’t go into too much detail. There’s a fine line between being detailed and being too detailed, if you know what we mean.

Take a look at your dating profile right now. If you’ve listed, let’s say, 5 – 6 qualities, then you’re on the safe zone. If you have 20 or more qualities, then maybe it’s time to trim it down — way down.

Top 4: Well this is embarrassing…

Our top 4 online dating turn off has something to do with the fact that you’re actually embarrassed to be on a dating website. Sure it might be your first time and everything but it’s not very attractive if you have something along the lines of: “I don’t usually sign up to dating websites because I don’t believe in them but my friend urged me to so, I’m here.”

No. Edit that, my friend. That statement sounds very ironic. Enough said.

Top 3: The jerk/snob factor

Have you ever passed through an online dating profile that says: “I drive a BMW” or “Don’t message me if you don’t have an income of ______”. These statements are all real and they’re just the tip of the iceberg, seriously. This sounds like someone with the jerk/snob factor.

Are you going though your profile yet? If this sounds like you then maybe you need to edit out those little details so you don’t sound like an utter jerk or an utter snob. Better yet, just delete that entire part.

Top 2: Grammar Nazi

Now this is definitely a given (one of the most sacred unwritten online dating rules ever!). You must proofread what you wrote before actually posting it online. Now, we understand that not everyone is a Grammar Nazi BUT  if it’s a basic mistake, then it’s definitely a turn off, especially if you’ve made one or two or three or ten basic grammar mistakes in your profile.

So what do you do if you’re first language is not English? Simple. Ask help from a friend or join an online language forum so they can check your sentences out.

Top 1: Picture this out!

The number one absolute turn off of all time has to be a non-flattering profile picture! You’ve seen those around, right? Badly photo-shopped pictures, pictures inside the bathroom with a surprise showing on the toilet, a picture of you wasted (not in a good way) and all that jazz. It doesn’t matter if you want to come off as a party animal, it is still unflattering.

Think of all of these as unwritten rules for your dating profile. Like we said, there’s a reason why they exist. Now, it’s about time that you scan (and maybe update) your dating profile yourself. You might spot something that needs changing.