When naming a few of the most notice-worthy names in the sports, entertainment and fashion industry, 1 out of 3 names might just be someone who comes from a Russian decent. You might have seen them on TV, on magazines, and probably even in person but have never noticed a hint of Russian anywhere. You probably didn’t know before but today is your chance to find out who these famous personalities are.

These famous, talented and beautiful Russian ladies will surely make you wonder of what other beautiful things can mother Russia offer.

Top 7: Vera Farmiga

Russian ladies of American-Ukrainian decent should look up to her. Vera is an actress and director who made her debut with the 1998 thriller, drama film “Return to Paradise”. 2 years after, she landed supporting roles in the romantic film “Autumn in New York”. Currently (2013 up to 2014), she has 2 movies lined up: “The Conjuring” and “The Judge”.


Top 6: Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova

Arguably within the top 5 of the most beautiful Russian ladies in history. Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova (as the name clearly suggests) was born in Gorky. She slowly made her way to the modelling scene when she was 15 and now, she’s reported to be number 3 in the top earning models list (by Forbes).


Top 5: Milena Markovna Kunis

Does the name ring a bell? This Chernivsti born Russian lady is professionally known as Mila Kunis and she’s an actress/voice actress (as you might have already known). She has appeared in several notable movies like “Ted”, “Friends with Benefits”, “The Black Swan” and etc. The latest of which is “Oz, the great and powerful”.

Top 4: Maria Sharapova

There are a lot of women’s sports that Russian ladies are good at but the most popular of which would have to be tennis. It’s partially because of Maria Sharapova who ranks number 2 in the world (ranking by Women’s Tennis Association). This beautiful lady’s achievements are numerous, all the more proving that Russian ladies are beautiful as well as athletic.


Top 3: Anna Kournikova

Just a bit of trivia about this beautiful Russian lady: Did you know that Anna Kournikova has never won a WTA singles title? Yes it’s true but what made her so well known is her Russian beauty and her celebrity status. Unfortunately, she retired from playing tennis at an early age because of major injuries but she has kept herself busy by being the Global Ambassador for the Population Services International’s Five & Alive program.

Top 2: Sasha Pivovarova

You’ve probably seen her hundreds of times if you’re into fashion and you read fashion magazines a lot. Many Russian ladies aspire to be models because they want to follow in the footsteps of Sasha Pivovarova (along with other beautiful Russian models of course).

Sasha is best know for her 6 consecutive seasons with Prada. Currently, she is still experiencing the height of her career in modelling.

Top 1: Milla Jovovich

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You will surely know her even if you’re not a Resident Evil fan. Milla is a multi-talented Russian lady — a model, an actress, musician and fashion designer. She’s had a lot of success in these fields and that’s the reason why she’s top 1 on our list.

Do you know more famous Russian ladies?

Do you know any other famous Russian women to include in this list? We’re sure that these Russian ladies are just a few of the many out there that have exceptional beauty and exceptional talent.

Alex Vidal