A lady, no matter where she belongs to, has a picture of an ideal man in her head. Vietnamese ladies also have a certain preference in their mind and have a strong liking for certain traits and characteristics of men. When a woman starts finding a life partner, she gives importance to certain traits. Some of these traits are:

1) Social Competence

Women mostly bend towards men who are not socially awkward. Meeting new people and getting into relationships is not something everyone is good at. Some men are shy while others are extroverts. Women are more likely to be fond of men who are not recluse. Women love the fun loving and outgoing men. Women generally do not have a soft spot for shallow men at all.

2) Courage

Bravery and courage is what makes men attractive. Vietnamese women feel affection for confident and self-assured men

3) Down to Earth Nature

A big ego is something that repels women. Most of the men have an inborn feature of a huge ego. They tend to find it difficult to differentiate between ego and self-respect.  Men who have a gigantic ego factor in them have this bad habit of not being able to over their personalities. Men who cannot agree to the fact that women can be better than men at times are a huge turn off to women. Men who have both feet on the ground are likeable for women.

4) Well Mannered

Well-mannered men are the biggest turn on for women. Vietnamese ladies have a soft spot in their hearts for men who are well brought up.  If you are going on a date with a Vietnamese lady, you need to make sure that you act like a true gentleman. You need to make sure that you pull out the chair for her. Your next step must be to talk politely and pay for the bill. Open the door for her and make a good impact on her mind.

5) Ambitious

Women are always concerned about their future. They always get attracted towards men who are ambitious and career oriented. Men who have strong plans in their brains have quite attractive and striking for Vietnamese ladies. Even if they have a strong vocation of themselves, women will always want to date a guy who has a strong career path.