Two web sites, offering online dating services, took each other to the Federal Court

Two online dating sites are fighting against each other in Manhattan’s Federal Court. Anastasia International has accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models of false advertising, abuse of Anastasia‘s trademark and attempting to fabricate fake customer feedback against the site. For their webpage, Anastasia utilizes the domain names Anastasiadate in addition to Despite the belief that EM Online are based in America, they are really based in Australia.

“Anastasia, who have brought EOnline DatingM Online to the court, matchmakes American men with Russian and Ukrainian females. Probably the most targeted section of the states is New York”, suggests the statement. “EM Online precisely intrudes upon Anastasia’s market. “Upon information and belief, Elena’s Models operates or sponsors online websites entitled ‘’ and ‘'”. The websites’ owners cannot be determined a result of a proxy service being utilized, which makes things suspicious to say the least. To make matters even more distrustful, these web sites reroute whomever is viewing them to These websites accuse Anastasiadate of thoroughly perpetuating frauds and bogus deceptions upon its clientele, and then suggest that the customers use Elena’s Models, which allegedly does not follow these procedures. “The website proposes to show extracts from e-mails written by women with profiles on The e-mail extracts all have a standard message – women featured on aren’t truly looking for a relationship with men from the U.S., but rather are contract employees paid to correspond with Anastasia customers and break their hearts. The emails look to be quite fake, and so might be accused of false advertising. Anastasiadate’s top priority is to make certain that all the girls in the site’s service are real ladies who are seeking love.”

The complaint states that EM Online are voluntarily false advertising, since they know that what they’re saying is bogus, and that the email messages were written with the only intent of wrongly stopping Anastasiadate’s business. Anastasia claims Elena’s uses the website to advertise its own business and publish fake, harmful details about competitors. “This website, despite claiming to be a forum focused on reviewing online dating services, is in fact noted to be quite picky as it promotes Elena’s Models specifically while looking to damage other businesses. Almost nothing about Anastasiadate is valid on this site, since it is very obvious that the facts have been meddled with to shun a poor light on Anastasiadate,” or so the accusation says. has illegitimately used aspects of Anastasia’s copyrighted logo, according to Anastasia. “Due to how search engines work, using the Anastasiadate’s trademarks has made a lot more visible on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines,” the complaint states. Anastasia seeks an initial and permanent injunction, and treble and punitive damages. It is represented by Richard C. Yeskoo with Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn., checked Thursday, offers American men the “a number of the world’s most incredible ladies!” “Anastasiadate provides the world’s best internet dating service,” according to the site. The site describes itself as “the easiest way to find real women online, with the best consumer protection entirely on a dating site.”

On, an anon author states that he knows everything in regards to the web site. Anastasiadate pays women to log on and pose as single women seeking love, and are paid for this by the same company, according to him. He knows this just because a Ukrainian woman that had been chatting with him actually revealed these secrets. Women are offered big money and decent working hours, just by chatting and emailing American men, by a third party company attached to Anastasiadate. The only listed requirements are to be 18 or older, to understand English, and to understand how to work with a computer, according to the website.

This writer claims the girl he corresponded with advised him to join Elena’s Models, calling it “a professional site.”

Alex Vidal