Numerous guys sign up for online dating sites with the goal of dating Russian women and eventually landing a Russian girlfriend. As with any large group of people, there are certain characteristics that label them one way or another. So, what kind of guys are looking do date Russian women online? How can you stand apart from them? Let’s take a look:

1. The Sprinter

Russian womenWe all know this type – they are only interested in a short-term relationship. Better yet – only a one night stand. They single out the women they find attractive, send the same message to all of them and it always contains questions about how fast they can meet offline. You want to pace yourself. If there is a spark, you will meet offline soon enough.

2. The Faker

There are so many fake profiles in the online dating world. That is because of two reasons – firstly, some people are not comfortable with who they are and therefore feel the need to come up with a lie to make themselves feel better, and the other reason is scamming. Scammers are notoriously good at pretending to be someone else so when you meet someone online – ask for a video chat or a phone call.

3. Mr. Confused

This type of a guy is looking to date Russian women has zero knowledge of Russia but likes to pretend he knows a ton. He is going on and on about its history and politics, and the girls lose interest fast. We all want others to think we are smart so if you want to talk about any of these subjects, make sure you have enough knowledge about them.

4. The Adorable Guys

The adorable guy is the one looking for a serious relationship. They are well-spoken and polite with the ladies and win them over fast. They are thoughtful, romantic and knowledgeable about the culture of the women they want to date. That is the category you should want to belong to.


Dating Russian women is a dream for many guys. If you are one of them then learning about what your competition is like, is a great idea. Do more research online and find out what Russian ladies respond to and what leaves them cold. Good luck!