There are many guys out there with this desire in mind – getting to date Russian women. As with any large group of people, there are certain attributes that seem to fit one part or the group or the other. So what kind of guys are there who are looking to date, Russian women? In other words – what is your competition like? Let’s take a look.

1. Fake Profile Guy

Russian womenThere are so many people like this out in the online dating scene. They make up stories about who they are and in reality, the truth isn’t even close. They hope to accomplish their goals like this and end up failing. Another group that uses the fake profile approach are scammers. They may sign up on the site just to scam women out of money. Naturally it can work both ways. Men can scam women and women can scan men. The most interesting aspect of scamming is that some men pretend to be women and scam other men.

2. The Confused Conrad

The confused type has no knowledge of Russia or the Russian culture and generalizes everything. Usually to the point of being obscene about things. That means they can be upfront about the fact that they think Russia is still communist, and their policies are all about taking over the world. No girl wants to be around this type for too long. It will get annoying quickly. The funny thing is that Confused Conrad won’t even get that he is putting the women off.

3. The Flash

The web is full of people who are looking for a one night stand or just something extremely short term. They shoot every attractive woman they see a letter, and some of them may even be creepy. They will call the ladies “honey”, “sweetie”, “baby” and any other corny name under the Sun. They think they are incredibly attractive and have no understanding that in reality women think they are a joke.

4. Mister Adorable

Russian women appreciate a man that has respect for them. That is true for every woman. These gents are all about being nice; they send romantic letters, flowers and candy as gifts. They have knowledge about the Russian culture, so women find them very likeable. If you want to be successful with online dating Russian women, then it’s best that you resemble this guy. You don’t need to get annoyingly mushy, just be a gentleman.