Have you been wondering what could be the differences in dating in Europe and dating in America? There are plenty of interesting things that are different about the dating culture in these regions. The article at hand lists 4 of them.

1. Paying for dates.

European womenIn the American dating culture, it is much more common to have the guy paying for the date every time. In Europe however, the bill is often split. Anything different from that comes across too traditional in most places. It is okay to offer to pay some of the time but not always. It seems far too conservative for modern Europe.

2. Dating several people at the same time.

In the States, it makes sense to date several people at the same time when it’s just going out for fun. In Europe however, it is frowned upon. You become exclusive very fast in the relationship. If you are interested in dating European women, then make sure you don’t slip up on this one because you will lose the person.

3. Playing games.

Dating isn’t seen as a game people play when it comes to the European dating culture. In the U.S. guys even make bets if they can go out with a particular girl or how many they sleep with. There is a lot of bragging and machismo involved. There is also a lot of flirting even if people aren’t too interested in going out with the person. That doesn’t happen too much with European girls. If they flirt with you – that means they like you.

4. Casual.

Dating is more casual in Europe. People don’t worry as much about what they are going to wear or what they will talk about. The atmosphere is relaxed, and it is almost as two friends are out having fun. There are fewer expectations, and people are focused on having a good time.


As you can see, there are several interesting differences in dating in Europe vs. dating in America. If you want to date someone from a different culture, then you need to make sure you have knowledge of how things work for everything to go smoothly.