Dating an Asian woman for the first time is very exciting but in order to make it last you need to know what to do and what you definitely shouldn’t do. The eastern and western dating cultures differ a lot from each other and we are here to help you out with 4 great tips about what not to do when dating an Asian woman:

Don’t no. 1 – Never say you have a “thing” for Asian women.

Asian women, as with all women from any nationality or race, want to be seen as an individual and always be treated with respect. If you tell your Asian date that you have this “thing” for Asians makes it sound as if you have some sort of a fetish or sexual fantasy about them and that is all they are for you – just a way to fulfil a fantasy. Imagine how off putting that must be. While we are on the subject of the Asian “thing”: avoid guessing her nationality at all costs. She has heard this her entire life and you push her away with no chance for a second date.

Don’t no.2 – Don’t play it too safe. Dating an Asian woman

Don’t get us wrong, most Asian women do grow up in a conservative society and have conservative views but they are still open to adventure. If you play it too safe like always taking her to the same restaurant will eventually get her bored. You need to be creative when dating Asian women. How about taking her to places that demonstrate something about who you are as a person? If you love mountain biking why not bring her along to a trip?

Don’t no. 3 – Don’t be stereotypical.

We mentioned this point earlier but since it is a serious matter it deserves to be called out once more. Asian women are subject to so many stereotypes they are absolutely sick of hearing about them. They aren’t submissive, they don’t always sacrifice their career, they don’t sit at home with the kids and so on. Even though gender roles still exist in Asia, the region is still moving with the times. Slowly but surely and gender equality is being addressed. More women get a great education and move into the workforce.

Don’t no. 4 – Don’t be Disrespectful.

Respect is the most important value in Asia. That is the very root of politeness and kindness that you see exhibited in most Asian nationalities. Asians have respect for all living things and so a person from such a culture deserves your respect. Have respect for her culture, respect her ideals and thoughts, respect her needs and even respect her if she declines your advances at first. If you treat your Asian partner with utmost respect you will earn her love for good.