There are a lot of romantic places in the world that lovers often visit. There’s France, Italy, Spain, and etc but did you know that Ukraine can also be considered as a place filled with romance? Hard to believe since Ukraine isn’t really considered to be such but very similar to France or Italy, Ukraine has it’s special romantic places. Oh yes, romantic Ukraine has several places that will make you fall in love all over again. Let’s take a look at 6 today:

1. Swallow’s Nest — The sea side love castle

The first place to visit in romantic Ukraine that you absolutely must put in your list is Swallow’s Nest. It’s a popular tourist attraction in Crimea, Ukraine. With breathtaking views, this castle that sits atop the Aurora cliff is also a popular place for marriage proposals.

2. Sofiyivsky Park

If you and your partner appreciate nature and would much rather enjoy each other’s company while taking a short walk or a picnic, the Sofiyivsky Park is just the place from romantic Ukraine to visit. This isn’t just another ordinary park too because it’s located in picturesque Uman and it also has a bit of history to it — a romantic history (care to find out?).

3. The Lover’s Bridge

There’s a special bridge in Kiev known as “The Lover’s Bridge” or “The Bridge of Kisses”. It connects Khreshchaty Park with City Park in central Kiev and it’s a very popular place for lovers to visit during valentines day. The main reason could be the legend saying that if lovers kiss on the bridge, their hearts will be with each other forever.

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4. The Tunnel of Love

Just the name of this romantic Ukraine destination is enough to attract lovers from all over the world. It is located in Klevan and it’s basically a one kilometer long tunnel formed by trees that grow on the sides of a railway. It’s simply stunning, magical and romantic. Similar to Kiev’s love bridge, this tunnel is also a popular place for lovers to make a wish and kiss. They say if the kiss is sincere, the wish of eternal love will be granted.



5. Synevyr Lake

And still another romantic Ukraine destination that has a legend of love behind it. You’ll be able to find this lake in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. It’s also a popular place for lovers to visit. Legend has it that the lake was made from a girl’s tears when she saw her lover’s tragic demise. She, herself, disappeared in the midst of all the tears. The lake is also said to be the color of her eyes.


6. Marble Cave

Last but certainly not the least is a magical place in Crimea called the Marble Cave. It’s also another popular tourist attraction in romantic Ukraine. The cave has marble limestone formations that resemble whimsical and fanciful beings like fairies, dragons or even mammoths.

Romantic enough for you?

So there you have it. 6 love filled places that romantic Ukraine can offer. Are you convinced that Ukraine can be a top romantic destination? Well, there are loads more of spots that you can find when you visit here and not just this six so maybe it’s time for you to start planning a romantic getaway with the lov eof your life in Ukraine. If you’re single, no worries because visiting any of the six places mentioned will inspire you nonetheless.