Let’s say you have your mind set on marrying a Slavic woman. What should you expect from this situation since your cultures are so different? What should you be ready for? We have listed the 6 things we consider to be most important and that you need to prepare yourself for.

Change nr.1 РSuperstitions marrying a Slavic woman

Superstitions are a huge part of the Slavic culture. You may try to change that part in your relationship but you can be sure it won’t change. She may be modern with everything else but this part is not going to go anywhere. Be prepared to have to adapt to several strange concepts.

Change nr. 2 – There will be complaining

Being very upfront about your feelings and thoughts is very normal in the Slavic world. Everyone complains about stuff like the weather and having to work too much. However, it sounds strange but that doesn’t mean she isn’t happy in her relationship with you. These complaints are different from those in your culture so you’ll soon learn to look past them.

Change nr. 3 – Lots of alone time together

If there is something Slavic women aren’t – it’s shy. They are very open to physical relationships so you can expect to be very happy with this part of your relationship. Age makes no difference here and the drive for physical pleasure stays the same.

Change nr. 4 – Embracing the Family

People have very close ties with their families in Slavic countries. You will be introduced to the family relatively early on and it’s important you leave a good impression. Once you’re introduced you’re a part of the family and you will be seeing them a lot. If you move to your country then make sure she has a chance to communicate with her family a lot. Skype, Messenger and so on. It wouldn’t hurt to have some money saved up for trips.

Change nr. 5 – She’ll be Sensitive

You can expect tons of emotions because all transitions are difficult. Especially if you’re from a culture where you’re expected to express all your emotions. There is an upside to this as well – she is sensitive in a way that she appreciates art, music and poetry. You can take her to see ballet or a good opera. This will be a good way to support her emotionally during this time.

Change nr. 6 – A Piece of Her Mind

There will be no sugar coating anything. She will tell you exactly what she means which is great in a way. There is no playing games, no playing cat and mouse. You can solve all issues right when they arise. Try to be patient and listen to her so she won’t keep things bottled up.

These are only some of the things you should expect when marrying a Slavic woman. Come back soon for more tips