dating a Korean womanSo you have become very interested in dating a Korean woman. You have met her a couple of times and want to ask her out. Before you go on your first date with her there are some things you need to know about Korean culture. This may surprise you a bit because it is only the first date but it is possible that sparks will fly and you will end up in a more serious relationship soon.

You may have to wear socks more often.

There are many Asian nations where it is customary to remove your shoes prior to entering someone’s home. That is definitely true in Korea. The woman you are interested in dating may be a citizen of the United States or live in Korea, you are still expected to remove footwear entering their home. Whenever it may happen that you end up at her house, make sure you are wearing socks. Socks with no holes in them!

Try Korean cuisine and find something you love about it.

There is a common misunderstanding around Korean food. It is thought to be very spicy. Instead it is comprised of non-spicy and spicy foods. There are plenty of dishes that will not make you think your mouth is on fire. If you are going to date a Korean woman you need to develop some sort of a liking to their dishes. They love to cook and the choice is always the food of their homeland. Give yourself a head start and begin learning to like it.

Get used to the idea of overbearing parents.

Nowadays, parents pay much more attention to the lives of their kids than ever before in history. It starts from the womb when parents play Mozart or other classics to the child to make sure the kid gets to hear the best music. Everything in the kids life is planned beforehand. Korean parents have been doing this forever. They plan everything and make sure they are involved with every area of the child’s life. That includes, school, job, hobbies and yes – their love life. As a westerner it will seem incredibly intrusive to you but you’d better get used to it. It will be difficult for you to get your foot in the door if her parents don’t approve of you.

Eventually you need to learn the language.

If you develop a more serious relationship with your Korean love interest you will be expected to begin learning the language. It is seen as the respectful thing to do. Her parents will be talking mostly Korean and their respect is very important. This may sound intimidating but if you are really invested in your relationship, the learning will go a lot smoother. After all – you have someone to learn from every single day.