Asia is among the most visited places in the world. There are many people who venture there without having an understanding about local customs and what is okay and what isn’t. It is always best to make yourself aware of how to be respectful to the local culture so that you can have great experience visiting Asia and also so you keep from accidentally insulting anyone.

Bad Idea no. 1 : Sticking chopsticks upright into food.

If you happen to be dining out and are offered to use chopsticks you should accept it even if you are uncomfortable with using them. When you eat with them, always keep in mind that you should never stick them in food. That is because the way that looks reminds people how incense is offered to the dead during one of Asian funeral practicesChinese Women the Perfect Soul Mate and people in Asia are very cautious when it comes to death or the dead. While we are on the topic of food, it is also seen as very rude to double dip.

Bad Idea no. 2 : Accepting compliments

In Asia, it is customary to be humble and not simply say thanks when offered a compliment. When you are praised for doing a good job, you should respond by saying it wasn’t all that good and thank the person for giving you the compliment despite how “ordinary” your work was. A happy thank you is considered to be an arrogant response. To a westerner this can be tedious at first but it is an important aspect of the Asian culture.

Bad Idea no. 3 : Pointing fingers

When you visit any country, it is usually a given to go looking for souvenirs. Just as a word of precaution, there are many Asian countries that consider pointing extremely rude. Try using not using your index finger when pointing and go for your thumb instead. It takes some time to get used to this but is seen as a respectful thing to do. And respect, as we all know, is hugely valued in Asia.

Bad Idea no. 4 : Not taking your shoes off when entering homes

You are probably aware that in Asia, people don’t walk inside homes with their shoes on. There are people who are more modern nowadays and don’t necessarily expect you to do that but you should always ask just to be sure. This is something that is still practices in several countries like Japan, Korea and the like.

Bad Idea no. 5 : Not limiting physical contact with women

Let’s say you are touring with someone special and want to kiss them. This should be kept to a minimum in most Asian countries because people still hold very conservative views and are sensitive to public displays of affection. Holding hands is acceptable as well as small kisses to the cheeks but anything above that can be offensive. Especially to the elderly.

Remember the Tips

These are just the starters and it may take a while before you are comfortable with all of them but if you are keen on getting yourself an Asian girlfriend and visiting Asia to meet her then it’s best to practise. Come back soon for more Asian dating tips.