Once you’ve been bitten by a Russian love bug, you will never be the same again. If you’re considering marrying a one of the many beautiful Russian women, you’re heading the right direction because, like what the rest of the world says, Russian women make the best wives.

This may primarily be because of the Russian traits that they’ve inherited or it might be because of their upbringing. Whatever the reason is, the rest of the world has taken notice and now everyone wants to marry a Russian woman. Let’s take a look at those traits a little closer:

1. Submissiveness & Tradition

Most Western men would like their wives to be a great listener, to be gentle and to be submissive. Good thing that Russian women have all of these traits. These women have grown up knowing and understanding the specific gender roles in their societies. They understand what the roles of women are.

Most women, in recent times, have a stronger sense of independence compared with the older ones but there’s still a strong influence of that type of culture in their families so they maintain their independence while still having in mind what they need to do as a wife or mother (in the future).

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2. Family

This trait may be related to the first one. Since Russian women learn what the specific gender roles in society are, they make it a point to take care of their families. Russian women (this may not apply to all women) have a strong familial inclination and for sure she will bring that into your own home once you are married.

3. Appearance

This is also another reason why Russian women make good wives. These women find it essential to take care of themselves. Of course, they are also working on their inner beauty but the outer beauty is important to them as well. You won’t have to worry about your beautiful Russian wife “changing” in appearance in the future because they like taking care of themselves.


4. Adaptive

Depending on where your Russian lady came from, most Russian women are accustomed to living in a poor economy so the best part about that is you won’t hear your Russian wife complain if you cut off on spending because you have a tight budget.

5. Educated

Understand that their aren’t many opportunities (especially when finding a decent job) for women in Russian so what they do is learn a second language or opt for higher education (or at least a college degree), so they can stay ahead of the competition when seeking for employment.

6. Want family and marriage

Compared to Western women who would sometimes rather focus on their careers, Russian women want to get married and want to have a family. Just like the second trait that we’ve mentioned, they are very family oriented and would want nothing more than to have children and take care of their family. Taking care of their husband and family makes them happy.

“я делаю” (I do)

There are loads of other reasons why Russian women make great wives but the traits that we mentioned are often what Western men (with Russian wives or with Russian girlfriends) are always commending.

Finding these traits out for yourself might be a good idea since it may not apply to all of the women in Russia. Just remember to get to know the person as she is and soon after that, it’s highly likely that you will see these traits in her.

Alex Vidal