Russia has some of the most beautiful women in the entire world. The dark haired, fair skinned beauties that walk like gazelles are an instant attraction to men all over the world. Not only do Russian men value their beautiful girls, but Western men too have begun to feel their importance. For Western men, there are two major ways to meet Russian women. They can either go to Russia to meet a beautiful woman, or they can join an online dating site and meet someone from there. Either way, you get to meet and maybe spend your life with a woman that looks and behaves like an angel.

Russian Girls

The Perks of Dating Russian Girls

Russian girls are by far, one of the most cultured, intelligent and beautiful women in Europe. Their good looks make them stand out in a crowd and the way they speak English with just a hint of an accent is simply adorable. Hot Russian girls to date with are amazing because they are open, friendly and down-to-earth. They are gentle of nature and are born home makers. If you fall in love with a woman from Russia and get married, not only will you have a beautiful bride, but also a beautiful life.

The Do’s & Don’ts for Dating a Russian Girl

Though hot Russian girls to date with are fun and a breath of fresh air, there are some things a gentleman should always keep in mind when going out on a date. Whether you’ve met them over the internet or in Russia itself, here are some things for you to remember


  • DO complement them. Russian girls love to be complemented, and unlike other women who may think you have a reason to complement, they appreciate the compliment for what it is. You can complement their beauty, or intelligence
  • DON’T complement a part of their physique. No woman, Russian or otherwise likes that. It makes them feel degraded. This will ruin your date, especially if it is a first date. However, after you get to know each other and get comfortable with each other, this may change.


  • DO realize that the women have many talents. The hot Russian girls to date with may also be extremely skilled at tasks like cooking, embroidery and stitching.
  • DO recognize that the women of Russia are culturally advanced and will have knowledge of many things including arts and literature. It is a good idea to include things in conversation that will make them feel comfortable.
  • DON’T steer the conversation towards yourself too often. Russian girls are sweet by nature and will do it themselves. If you keep talking about yourself, they will feel as though you are more interested in yourself than in them

Discussions about the Future

  • DO talk about the future to Russian girls after you have become comfortable and the dates have changed into a relationship. This will instill in them a confidence about you. Russian women are very home oriented and if you find the right woman, your life will become heaven.
  • DON’T talk about the future for you and her on a first date. Instead, talk about your individual future plans. This will help you see if the hot Russian girls to date with share the same values and plans as you and help both of you decide how the relationship will go.

So here are the three major things you need to keep in mind when going on a date with a stunning woman from Russia. Nowadays, online dating and dating website portals have made meeting people all over the world easy and convenient. You too can meet your future Russian bride over the internet and end up spending your life together.