Women from Foreign CountriesIt doesn’t matter if you live in the far north of Australia or high in the Colorado mountains; our connected world allows you to meet women from countries all over the world. This has allowed increasing numbers of men to meet and date women from foreign countries. There are plenty of stereotypes about women from Asia, South America and Eastern Europe being less career-oriented and more feminine than western women. However, the unexpected bonus many men gain from dating women from foreign countries is the sense of belonging and camaraderie they gain after being accepted into the girl’s family.

Close Knit Families

With the rising divorce rate, families living far apart and the tendency for western families to only gather for special occasions, it might be many months, even years, before a man meets his girlfriend’s family. Even then, it may be for a special occasion and only for a brief time. This is not the case in Asia, South America or Eastern Europe. Even before a relationship becomes serious, you might be expected to meet a girl’s family. In some cases, this will include aunts, uncles and distant cousins as well as immediate family members.

It may seem daunting to be put on public display so early in a relationship but there are many benefits to this process. Once the girl’s family understands that their intentions are genuine, many men find great comfort and friendship as they join the family group.

Marrying the Family

The adage that you don’t just marry a girl but her family too is true in most cultures. In western countries, due to limited contact with a girl’s family, you might discover problems after marriage. Is her brother a gambler and your girlfriend constantly gives him money? It might be years before you unravel all the family secrets in the west.

In countries with close-knit families, you will have the opportunity to quickly decide if you “fit in” with your girlfriend’s extended family. If you like her family, you will instantly have a new group of friends and supporters to help you through life. For men who feel alienated by social rules in the west, this can be liberating.

Getting to meet your girlfriend’s family early in a relationship helps you to understand her better. Is her father loving but controlling? This might explain her insecurities and allow you to help her overcome them. In the west, it will usually take much longer to fully understand your girlfriend.

In the west, once you leave home, you are expected to support yourself financially and emotionally. In Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, parents continue to provide support for their children when needed. They will be there to cook when you are sick, look after the grandchildren at any time and help you with your work. For men, this can remove great stress in difficult times.

Does Family Life Suit You?

The main question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you wish to be so intimately involved with your girlfriend’s family. For a few men, the situation is too intense. For most men, however, the joy and brotherhood gained from being part of an extended family is almost as wonderful as dating a girl they love.